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Monday, November 19, 2007

Romantic poems

The Key To Your Heart

Give me please the keys I need. The keys of your fair heart.
Let me find your love inside. Lets us never part.
Don’t lock me out I love you so. It’s more than I can take.
If I can’t open your fair heat my own heart will break.

What is the secret of your love? Tell me what to say.
What is the price of your hearts key? Tell me I will pay.
I have loved you from afar. You did not even know.
I saw you looking lovely. Saw you face aglow.

Let me now, please, come inside and love you tenderly.
Let me show you my true love. Show what love can be.
Let me open your fair heart. Give me now the key.
I can love you easily. Can you please love me?

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