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Monday, November 19, 2007

The Nature Of the man

Man comes into this without his consent and leaves it against his will.

On earth, he is misjudged and misunderstood.

In infancy he is an angel, in boyhood, he is a devil, in manhood he is a fool.

If he has a wife and a Family, he is a champion. If he is a Bachelor, he is a bachelor, he is
Inhuman and mean.

If he enters a public house, he is Drunkard.

If he steps out, he is Temperate, Fanatic and Miser.

If he is Rich, he has all the luck in the world and he is a Crook.

If he has Brains, he is considered to be smart.

If he goes to Religious place he is a Hypocrite, if he stays away he is Sinful.

If he gives in Charity into the world, everyone wants to kiss him, before he goes out of
this world, every one wants to kick him.

If he dies Young, there was great Future for him.

If lives to a ripe Old Age every body hopes he has made a will capital.

It is therefore impossible to please everybody, so do your duty and be fearless.

Use your own common sense and if you make a mistake, its better than doing nothing.

So keep smiling as no one wants to hear about your troubles or better still, nobody wants
anything about your troubles.

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