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Monday, November 19, 2007

Valentine's Gift Ideas

Don't fall behind in the game of love. St. Valentine's Day is right around the corner, so start thinking about buying some gifts before it's too late. Stuck for ideas? That's not a problem, let help you.

It's marked in your calendar and this year, there's no way you're forgetting. Cupid has swung his bow and the arrow landed right at your bottom -- you're full-blown smitten with this woman, and you want to show her just that.

So what do you get her without having to ask your mother and sister for advice? Your woman keeps hinting that she wants a new pair of shoes, and she's continually saying that she's sick of her CDs and wants new ones. Are these clear hints that these are what you should be getting your Valentine this year?

Although this is an important date that signifies love and romance, there's no need to get stressed about what to get your sweetheart. Chances are you know her well enough, and even if you don't, there are always gifts that you just can't go wrong with. If you're lucky, you may even get the chance to win her a beautiful piece of jewelry that she'll treasure forever -- just read on to find out more.

So fear not -- check out these gifts that are sure to make her happy, and you even happier.

the usual

The simplest gifts that you can get your girlfriend for Valentine's Day are flowers, chocolates and teddy bears. And these are fine because it is possible to make a somewhat generic gift more personal.

This may seem like a cop-out gift, but it doesn't have to be. Flowers can say a million words by the colored roses you choose, and the arrangements you prepare. Personally, I'd be impressed with a bouquet of a dozen red roses.

It's important to know what each colored rose represents, so you can impress her with your knowledge and high culture by telling her what they mean -- and in case you get one with the wrong message; and she does know what it means.

Here are the different meanings of rose colors, according to the Rose Information Bureau:

"I love you," respect and courage.
"You're heavenly," reverence and humility, innocence and purity, secrecy and silence, and "I'm worthy of you."
Red + White
Grace and gentility
Deep pink
Gratitude and appreciation
Joy and gladness
Red + Yellow
Cheerful, happy feelings
Coral or Orange
Enthusiasm and desire
Deep burgundy
Unconscious beauty
Pale colors
Sociability and friendship
Beauty, youth, a heart innocent of love, "you are young and beautiful."
Red rosebuds
Pure and lovely
A single rose
A single rose in full bloom
"I love you" or "I love you still" (in this case, you can justify not getting a full bouquet)
Hybrid tea roses
"I'll remember you always"
Withered white roses
Beware of these! They stand for fleeting beauty and "you made no impression".
Two roses taped or wired together (to form one stem)
Engagement or coming marriage (don't do it unless you mean it).

A woman always appreciates a box of her favorite chocolates, so if you do opt for these, get her a flavor you know she likes and would appreciate (chocolate is said to be a fine substitute for sex for some women, so you may not want to get her too many). But if they're truffles, my personal favorite, then get them by the truckload.

If you know that she has a penchant for fine wine, then get her a bottle of her favorite stuff. From Amaretto to Zinfandel, there's sure to be a drink she prefers -- and you can't go wrong with a bottle of french wine. You can even get drunk together (while you have beer).

let's get personal

A teddy bear is always a safe option, but you may want to get her this combined with chocolates or flowers, so that she gets a nice gift that she can enjoy right away, and have something to cuddle with while you're not around.

These are more generic gifts that are perfect for newer couples, when you're really at a loss for what to get her, or if you know she really just appreciates chocolates or flowers.

But like I said, you can make these even more special by having them delivered to her at work (and make all her co-workers jealous) or send her twelve single roses all day, until she can make a bouquet herself. For example, leave a rose on her doorstep in the morning, have others delivered to her throughout the day, give one to her personally when you see her, and finally leave one on your bed if you know you're going back to your place after dinner, to really celebrate Valentine's Day.

Women also love to keep their flowers as a sentimental item, so you can have a bouquet of roses delivered to her, and then give her a beautiful vase, so that she can keep her flowers for a long-time once she dries them (women know how to dry their flowers, so don't even ask).

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